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The Blattiad

Back from Steppes Warlord

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Back from Steppes Warlord

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I have said it before: What a difference a day makes. 

The week was not terribly eventful, but the EVENT this weekend certainly was.

Let's see – I didn't do much this week except get ready for going to Steppes Warlord this weekend.  I was not sure if I was going to drive down or ride down with some one else.  A few weeks back, I cancelled the day off I applied for for Friday going into Memorial Day Weekend – for the simple fact that I only have one or two days off unallocated this year, and I want to save them up for the moment – my jaw has been inexplicably hurting lately with no apparent pattern, and I want to have some extra days to have my wisdom teeth removed.  (I want to go in to remove them at the beginning / ending of the week, and have two days in addition to recover.)

 I have made a new friend in the Herald for Weisenfeuer, a guy named Miles – he and his friend Alianorra and I drove down to Canton for Steppes Wardlord this weekend – and I am even now typing up on the road now (signal is surprisingly good).  <grin>  I was originally planning on driving back on Monday (day), but Miles wanted to leave Sunday night after court.  Well, needless to say it rained at Warlord – just like it does every year.  In fact, it flooded at Warlord, which was never supposed to exceed a 40% chance of rain.

I entered the bardic this weekend – from paper, and with a new piece – I knew from the beginning I wasn't going to break to finals.  But, I did a piece for Cecila, my Lady, called "The Lady Who Touches Me."  I evidently brought her to tears.  There were three finalists: Tyg, Duchess Willow, and Yagiu (that would be Jacob, one of my students).  First round, he did a tale of Japanese battle – and in the final round, he did "Do You Seek to be a Warlord?"  He won.  So, the newest laurel (Finnican) and my Master (Robin) passed the cloak of the Steppes Bard to my student.  I was elated.  <grin> 

We elevated a Peer from each Peerage this weekend.  Louis was made a Knight (I cried) – it was magnificent.  Knighting is something I can never experience myself, however I do love the elevation – it really does exemplify what we as a Society stand for.  Countess Octavia was elevated to the Order of the Pelican – escorted by Daffid, of course.

And, then there was Finnican.  OMG, I balled.  Ulf heralded him in.  The Queen who had him as her bard the first time spoke for the Order of the Rose – but Willow also had something to say, and she was magnificent (when she's on, she is SO on).  Sir Simon spoke for the Order of the Chivalry.  Lucase spoke for the Order of the Lions – who came in from the back of the circle, claiming not being able to hear, and defending Finnican from whatever he has been accused of, and even mentioning that his dear cousin, the Baroness Lucacia even forgives him. 

I saw him at his vigil, which was so very nice – there was food and booze as far as the eye could see.  The vinters and brewers in the area have been on call for something like two years on this.  I had made him a set of cords to give out as largesse, but he turned the tables on me.  He is going to give them as part of his compact with his apprentices – it gets me teary-eyed even now to think that a bard as great as he is wants to use something I made as a portion of his contract to his apprentices.  What he's going to do is write up a contract between he and his apprentice to be torn in half (the tear is called an indenture, ironically enough) rolled up with a piece of his sliver branch (one of his symbols) in a bag (made from the same piece of cloth as his laurel's cloak) that will be tied with one of my cords.  I am amazed that a bard of his caliber thinks that highly of me.

While I was at the vigil, I was cornered by His Highness – saying that I owed him a piece.  Needless to say, when my Prince asks me for a piece, I'll give him what he wants.  But, so it seems, I owe him one from about five years ago.  This is really kinda funny, but it gets kinda strange, too.  It seems that about five years ago, I went down with Firefall to this itty bitty event for a now defunct group called The Bizarre Bizarre – it was an SCA garage sale, and an uncontrollable amount of fun.  But, in the days when I was just a bard, and Ulstead was just a squire – I evidently made a deal for a really great feathered fan in exchange for a piece glorifying him.  Well, evidently I completely forgot about it – and now that he's Prince (for a second time) he's calling in his due.  But, he asked his Princess, what it should be, and she decided that it should be about her.  Fortunately, I have my Laurel in on this – so he'll be there to help me.  I'm going to try like crazy to have it done in a month and a half for their Cornation (in WACO – faint).  Fortunately, Miles is thinking about going.  This is going to be a challenge in more ways than one: I have heard nothing good about Ulstead or his new lady – in fact, I've heard NOT good things about them, and I'm going to have to talk to Robin about just HOW I need to write this piece.  The one thing that I have heard is that she does have a big heart, and that she is many things – and that she is NOT a clueless queen.  She is very politically savvy, and knew exactly what she was asking for when she did.  I'll do it, and I will put her in a good light – but, I am also going to learn a lesson about working with the crown.  Wish me luck – I'll need it.  I'll post it here when I finally write it. 


I didn't see very much of Miles or Allianorra (my riding buddies) this weekend, but then again that is the nature of Warlord – I was ALL OVER that site this weekend.  I saw them most when we were traveling down and back. 

Oh yeah, and the site rained out – as it does every year.  I swear, at this point I don't want to camp that event ever again.  I may change my mind next year, or I may just hotel the damn thing.  <grin>

Let's see, gossip.

Cais has Shwe (my other student) pregnant.  With some of the most recent developments, this really scares me.  He's a really crazy and vindictive kind of guy, and now he is inexorably tied to me.  I mean, when he and his ex-wife broke up – he broke into her house and broke every single window and lock on every door to make sure she could not feel safe.  And now, he's manipulating one of my students to give an excuse to stay.  I cannot tell you how glad I am to get away from some of the people I was associated with down there. 

Yagiu finally got his GED, and is going to school.  He wants to be a cop, and I am SO proud of him.

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