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The Blattiad

Birthday with the "Other Half"

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Birthday with the "Other Half"

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The ensuing short week between visiting my Mother’s family and my Father’s family was only three days.


The weekend was spent with my father’s side of the family – my Aunt Joanne and my cousin Sarah came into town to see me.


I was going to visit Glenn that Friday, but his company has a major deadline, so he’s working twelve-hour days until something like the fifteenth.  We’ll have to delay, but we can spend a full weekend together that way.


The weekend was actually blissfully uneventful.


I made the compulsory visit to Half Priced Books – and hit gold.  There is an old Brit Sci-Fi series I’ve been looking for called “The Tomorrow People,” released last year on DVD, and I found the first box set for about twenty bucks.  I was incredibly excited.  I’ve started watching it, and it is just as good as I remember it from the old Nickleodian – when it was the network for kids.




Sunday was spent having breakfast at one of the best Mexican restaurants in Fort Worth and the world: Joe T Garcia’s – My father’s treat.

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